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With 10 years of experience in the field of education, TNG Vietnam has always been a companion, giving wings to the dream of studying abroad for thousands of Vietnamese students.

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+3688 Overseas student

TNG Vietnam has recommended thousands of international students to countries: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Australia...

+ 1345 International School

TNG signed and cooperated exclusively with universities in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Australia...

96,89% Visa pass rate

TNG is in the Top 10 units with the highest Visa rate in the past 5 years.

Modern facilities

The system of classrooms & dormitories is of high quality.

International teacher

TNG Vietnam invites teachers from foreign universities and colleges to directly teach.

Commitment to support employment

TNG Vietnam supports jobs abroad and in the country, after you return home.

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During the 10-year journey of operation, TNG Vietnam has become a trusted address for everyone.


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